Kottayam Becomes Fully Literate

Kottayam Becomes India’s First 100% Fully Literate Town

Working as Programme Co-ordinator of National Service Scheme in MG University was an opportunity to make several important social interventions.

One such intervention was Kottayam Literary Campaign which led to the declaration of Kottayam as the first fully literate town of India.

This is how it happened.

Two NSS Units in Kottayam conducted a socio-economic survey in the town in 1987.

The survey revealed that the town had only 2208 illiterates in a population of 68,900.

I wrote a proposal to the Ministry of Human Resource Development to conduct an intense literary campaign to lead the town to total literacy.

The Ministry sanctioned Rs 1,63,000 as well as 32 full-time National Service Volunteers with stipend, to co-ordinate the work in the 32 municipal wards.

The campaign had the co-operation of people from all walks of life.

It became a world-famous event.

The District Collector was one among the collaborators.

The municipality celebrated Three Decades of Literacy in 2019.