National Service Scheme (NSS)

Communitizing Education through National Service Scheme (NSS)

This is an introduction to my Ph.D. Thesis.  

I did my research in the school of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies of M G University.

The research used the case-study method to take lessons from campus-community partnership implemented in five different locations in India, including four in which I was personally involved as conceptionalizer and lead-person.

The main contributions of this research are the following:

NSS had a tendency until then to be campus entered and focussed on manual work. The research work which was published with the title “Ten Steps Towards Working With People” helped to change the scenario.

The so-called Village Adoption” started to become a meaningful partnership between campus and nearby community.

Nalpathimala Experiment became a living model of this partnership.

The thesis argued that only orphans are “adopted”, and the expression “village adoption” must be dropped from NSS.

NSS is not for “Social Service”, it is for personal transformation of students.

This shift in emphasis started becoming more acceptable to NSS functionaries and educational planners.