Butterfly Movement

The Butterfly Movement

As a TCI activist who was instrumental in bringing TCI to India and who founded Ruth Cohn institute India, I have always pleaded that TCI should get down to people.

This is what Ruth Cohn wanted. Her article “From clinic to circle to community” pleads that TCI should not stay confined to workshops.

It is with this vision that the “TCI experiment in Panackachira” was started.

This has been documented in a Malayalam book by the same title.

The newest initiative in this line is known as the Butterfly Effect.

In Malayalam it is “Salabha Saksharatha Yajnam”.

The inspiration for this has come from Ruth Cohn, Norie Huddle and Edward Lorenz.

The expression “Butterfly effect” has been immortalized by Edward Lorenz to mean that the small happenings of today in any one corner of the world can have far-reaching consequences elsewhere later in history.

Butterfly effect is now in Kerala a revolutionary educational movement in high schools and higher secondary schools.

It is based on the concept of “the great human metamorphosis” propounded by Noire Huddle.

She has educated us about the presence of a small group of dormant imaginal cells inside the body of the caterpillar in the cocoon stage.

The vast majority of cells are caterpillar cells which naturally carry the genetic code of caterpillars in them.

They begin to swallow up the minority “imaginal” cells which carry the genetic code of butterflies within them.

But when the swallowing begins, imaginals start to multiply with a vengeance, eventually overtaking the whole body of the caterpillar.

Thus the butterfly comes from a caterpillar.

This is a good analogy for what happens in adolescent children.

Their imaginals are dormant.

The caterpillar instincts are active.

By using TCI it is possible to activate the juvenile imaginals and lead the children to the great human metamorphosis.

I have written a book on this entitled “The Butterfly Effect: What if I too want to become a butterfly” in Malayalam and English.

A group of socially committed teachers in under the leadership of Sharafunissa, Gireesh, Ameer Babu and Abdu Alengaden have taken up the leadership of the butterfly campaign.